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I’ve mentioned before, about how the human psyche intrigues me. Lately, I’ve been thinking about self-love, and wondering how many people actually love themselves.

I recently realized I don’t always love myself, and it’s what brought on this blog. Perhaps it will help me to think this “out loud” on my blog and maybe get others thinking too.

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A couple of weeks ago I suggested you take the opportunity to create some Affirmations.

Then I promised I’d show you how you can enhance those Affirmations with one little trick – this is that post.

Noah St John, author of ‘The Secret Code Of Success’ encourages us to turn affirmations (positive statements about ourselves) into questions. He calls them Afformations.

The idea is that the mind wants to answer questions – it’s wired that way. So whilst it’s good to say to yourself each and every day: “I am so happy with my… partner or job or children or level of abundance.” or whatever.  It’s actually more powerful an exercise to ask: “Why…am I so happy with my…?” After asking, our mind runs off to go and find relevant information to be able to answer it. It actively searches for evidence of

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I Am What I Am When I Am Alone

Discovering one’s Self is not easy.  We have to wade through our fears, unveil our truths, discard our lies, and accept what we find within us without shame or judgment.  And that is only the beginning.  Eventually, we come to grips with who and what we are and then we start trying to figure out how to live in the world that surrounds us with happiness and purpose.  It’s a tall order, but it’s a worthwhile endeavor.  I hope you’ll consider spending some time alone and contemplating what it means to be You.

The post below was reblogged from Zen Revolution.  Enjoy the inspiration!

I Am What I Am When I Am Alone.

I see you

This is a great post from “I Stop for Suffering.”  It reminds us that we should not attribute anything to anyone based upon a preconceived notion of what they are or are not like.  We should try our best to live in the moment when it comes to people too.  It is all too easy to attribute what someone did or did not do in the past or something that was long ago said or not said to the character we see in them today.  “That was then, this is now” applies to people too.

I see you.

Chronic Traveler

I have fibromyalgia. That is my unavoidable reality. I also hunger for travel and cannot imagine life without poking around in distant corners of the globe. So when I was diagnosed, to battle my plummeting self-esteem, I threw myself into the world like a guinea pig to figure out how to make travel and fibromyalgia coexist. It hasn’t been easy and the tantrums of my body can be extreme, but I am slowly figuring out some guidelines that help me step out my front door.

So here are the nuggets of wisdom I’ve gleaned over the past three years. You might call them my “Cardinal Rules.”

  1. Know your body’s limits. Our body gives us signals – some gentle, some urgent – that we need to rest in a couple of hours, a few minutes, or now. Respect and listen to your body. If you push past what I call…

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