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Another must read from Erin at Bella Bleue Healing!

Bella Bleue Healing™

Fill yourself with hope, and abundance will overflow within you.

What does being hopeful feel like within you?

For me it’s like an ocean flowing within me, and each time I think of something I am hopeful for a beautiful drop of water falls into my ocean, making a splash, sending ripples , and connecting other drops of hope together. It’s like filling myself up with goodness and peace. And the feeling is so full that  I have to connect to things outside myself, and share this wonderful energy with all that surrounds me. This sharing comes from the healthy longing I have for something good, something wonderful…

I call hope a healthy longing, because being hopeful, actually does make us healthier. For example: Have you ever reflected on when you’ve been sick with a cold? Most of us, when we are sick, may be frustrated that our cold…

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A beautiful and inspiring reminder to love all the parts of ourselves. A wonderful read from “Words of Compassion, Creativity, & Knowledge.”

Words of Compassion, Creativity, & Knowledge

I am a mom to two kids. First, I am a mom to my Samson kitty. And second, I am a mom to my own inner child. This “child” lives within me.  She is the little girl that I once denied, but now welcome and nurture with open arms. I am now a parent to her the way I would be to any child. She is the sweet little girl that I protect when the world wants to harm her.

She…is ME.

Sometimes my inner child gets sad, and the world tells her to suck it up, grow up, and get over it. The world tells her that she is weak and too sensitive. The world tells her that her vulnerability is not okay. But it’s my job to tell her that it is okay. That her feelings, whatever they are…are okay. It is my job to assure her that…

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An incredibly inspiring post from Kristin at “Let Life In Practices!” Kristin reminds us that there is no obstacle, no adversary, and no struggle that is more triumphant than the human spirit.  If we will stay anchored in hope and keep moving in faith, we will always emerge into the light of day from the dark night of the soul. And that is what makes all the difference!
Enjoy the read!

In today’s oft too busy world, it is easy for even the most gentle souls among us to forget to pause long enough to pass on some human kindness. We never know how much good one smile, one kind word, one acknowledgement that says to another, “I see you” is going to do (for them or us); but human kindness always does some good, somewhere. I love this post by Gina at Professions For Peace. Another great read!

Professions for PEACE


There is another side to kindness. And that is doing no harm.

Kindness is an active, or masculine, energy according to Native American Spirituality (see my earlier post). It is a ‘moving outward’ motion. Doing no harm is more of an inward feminine energy, because it waits. It is non-action. Holding the tongue with silence when angry words want to burst out. Not scowling and scolding a customer service clerk, especially when it has nothing to do with them – such as company practices or how many staff they have available.

The person who answers our call after we’ve been on hold for a while often has nothing to do with the long hold, in most cases anyways. By offering anger to the person who just answered our call, we are doing harm. It is the opposite of offering a kindness. Maybe this seems extreme…

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Another great post from Help With Your LIfe!

The Cathie Barash Blog

I enjoy sharing the many inspirational books and films which have influenced my life in very powerful ways over the years and the movie, You Can Heal Your Life, is one of them. This film is based on the book by best-selling author Louise L. Hay, which discusses her remarkable personal story and describes how to achieve self-esteem, abundance, and self-love through the use of affirmations.

Affirmations are powerful positive statements about yourself, which radically changes the way you feel and experience life.

Repeating simple declarations such as those listed below, will completely alter your self-perception by replacing negative thoughts with something much more healing and nurturing.

I love and approve of myself  

I deserve the best, and accept it now

Affirming these statements will make you feel much more worthy of the life you want, and help you move in that direction.

The value of paying attention…

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Incredibly beautiful and inspiring post from Professions for Peace!

Professions for PEACE

Lately, in contemplating random acts of kindness, I have been considering how all of us earth-bound humans can behave more like angels to one another, if we so choose. I am reminded of the letter of Saint Paul to the Hebrews: “Let brotherly love continue. Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”~Hebrews 13:1-2

angelAll God’s angels come to us disguised. ~James Russell Lowell


I wrote an article called Just A Smile, which is about a person who might have been an angel in disguise. When I consider the powerful effect her genuine smile had on me that bleak, sad day, I often wonder if she might have been more than she appeared. My heavy heart was suddenly brightened and effortlessly lifted. In an instant, I actually felt stronger from someone’s warm eye contact and big smile generously given…

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