A wonderful introduction to a great site, Breath of Green Air (a “So Sweet Blog”) and several other wonderfully inspiring sites! Well worth the read!


What a lovely way to start the day. I discovered I had been nominated for my first ever blog award. It’s amazing how something really nice which comes as a surprise makes us even happier than nice surprises we were expecting.

I think the unforeseeable nature of a pleasant surprise is so sweet because of the feeling of having no hand in making it happen. It’s as though the universe has decided to rain some good fortune on me for no apparent reason. The lack of anticipation and waiting for the thing to unfold brings an immediacy and fullness to the pleasure. Its instant gratification and a very plump juicy joy.

Just for being me, someone is saying ‘Well done, I like that’. In fact the feeling is so sweet its been making me smile all morning. The lovely someone who made me smile is Food and other Stuff


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Another great post from Bella Bleue Healing! Enjoy!

Bella Bleue Healing™

Did you just see that?
See what?
That over there.
There’s something in the water there.  
Watch! Oh, I see it. What is it?
Aha, it’s a seal.
I knew I saw something!
Look there are: One, Two Three, Four of them.
They are beautiful.

As new groups of people approached the seaside, these words of curiosity and wonder would surface over and over again. While the visitors gazed upon the water, brief engaged conversations happened between strangers. These conversations happened with an ease, and lighthearted tone.  It was as if the seals were creating harmony in a world where so many of us experience chaos. They were giving us the permission to be human again, when so often we function in our boxes and our roles. And in the grander scheme of things it was the invitation of nature: the soft sand between our toes, the sound of…

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Another great post from Help With Your Life!

The Cathie Barash Blog

I have a friend who was a Wall Street wizard and enjoyed a lot of status and success in his field by many people’s standards. However, even though it provided him with wealth and prestige, he was not happy or fulfilled in his daily work for many years. He was held captive by his ego, and his personal life started to unwind as a result.

Then one day when his life took a particularly low blow, he had to make some hard choices. During that time he noticed that the flower shop at the local train station was for sale. It was in an ideal location because of the daily volume of commuters who stopped in to buy their loved ones flowers on the way home from work. This was in addition to the many holidays throughout the year that drew a big business as well.

He had visited this…

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Another great post from Bella Bleue Healing!

Bella Bleue Healing™

“You are such a good person.” “Your dog is such a good boy.” “You are such a good friend.” “You always take good care of your plants.” There are so many times a day that we say someone or something is GOOD.   Having positive feelings and acknowledging the “Good” around you and in your life opens yourself to accepting and loving yourself and others more deeply. But I wonder, for all the goodness around you, how often do you look at yourself and say, deep down inside, “I am good?” 

I know for me that believing and saying  this statement can be challenging at times. I often ask myself: “Am I good mother? Am I a good wife? Am I good believer? Am I a good person?” It can be so frustrating that negativity sneaks into our hearts and minds at times, and does its best to try…

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A wonderful idea from Tanya — a 125 day gratitude journey! Enjoy the read!

The Fibromyalgia Thriver's Guide

I have been thinking about the post I am about to write for a few weeks now but honestly it felt a touch contrived because I had yet to define the “why” I wanted to write it so I held it close until I was and it was ready.

The time is now.

For the next 125 days I am embarking on a journey that requires no packing or reservations.  It is not the type that will drain my camera battery or bank account.

For the next 125 days, I will be posting to this blog daily.

Yes, daily.

The next 125 days of my life and this blog will be a journey of gratitude.

Why 125 days?

It was to be arbitrary but it happens to accomplish two goals: to be long enough to go past New Year’s Day and the end also becomes the beginning of the third year of this blog because even…

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Another great post from Marianne at The Meaning For My Life!

The Meaning for my Life

As I mentioned in the previous post, I’m learning about love and compassion from His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

In addition, I’m reading a book titled, “Owning Your Own Shadow”, author, Robert A. Johnson (1991).  I plan to outline some of the ideas explored by Johnson who is an acclaimed Jungian analyst and best selling author in a future post.

It will be interesting to see how the two topics meld, or not.

By the way, the reason I’m reading the shadow book is to fulfill a requirement to write a reflection paper on the topic of Psychology and Spirituality for a year long spiritual deepening program I enrolled in last June.

I am thrilled to participate in the program because it’s exactly what I was looking for; a focused way to deepen my spiritual journey. The program began in June with a five-day retreat which was phenomenal…

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I love this post from Cathie at Help With Your Life because she shares wise insights and practices about HOW to go about choosing happiness and practicing the art of self-compassion. Happiness can seem like such an elusive concept when we’re caught up in the buzz and boil of daily life. Here are simple, very do-able techniques for getting yourself to that place you really want to be — HAPPY! Enjoy the read!

The Cathie Barash Blog


Since 1994, Robert Holden, Ph.D., has been running an eight-week happiness program entitled, Be Happy. Additionally, he created an eight-day mini-version of that program which I have abbreviated below. It was designed to be completed over eight consecutive days, with at least 15 minutes devoted to each exercise.

Not only is the information very beneficial but the video I’ve included should get you smiling as well.

Day 1:  Defining True Happiness

What is your definition of a happy life? Are you living it? If you think happiness is outside you, you will turn happiness into a search, a pursuit or a destination; whereas if you know happiness is inside you, then happiness becomes a compass, a guide and an enabler that helps you to live a rich life.

Exercise 1:

There is a world of difference between searching for happiness and following your joy. Reflect on the…

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