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For years, Louise L. Hay, the author of the international bestseller You Can Heal Your Life, has been teaching people that the only thing that heals every problem is to love yourself.

Therefore, when I came across her lovely 12 Commandments for learning how to do just that, I wanted to share them with you!

Not a bad way to start the New Year!


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Do Mirror Work.

Look into your eyes often. Express this growing sense of love you have for yourself. Forgive yourself while looking into the mirror. Talk to your parents while looking into the mirror. Forgive them, too. At least once a day, say, “I love you, I really love you!”

Have Fun.

Remember the things that gave you joy as a child. Incorporate them into your life now. Find a way to have fun with everything you do. Let yourself express the joy…

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Professions for PEACE



tips to

keep your





Share about your day

Ask about their day

Talk about dreams

Exchange hugs


Give back rubs

Give gifts

Tuck notes

Smile often

Slow down







Be kind

Be polite

Be gentle

Be patient

Be positive

Be vulnerable

Laugh together

Date once a week

Accept differences

Celebrate birthdays

Have a song to be Our Song

Spend quality time together

Reminisce about falling in love

Start and end each day with a kiss

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Words of Compassion, Creativity, & Knowledge

“Compassion literally means ‘to suffer with,’ which implies a basic 876467_tunnelmutuality in the experience of suffering. The emotion of compassion springs from the recognition that the human experience is imperfect.” -Kristin Neff

I don’t know anyone who wants to suffer. But the plain truth is that suffering is an element of every person’s life. I don’t know anyone who is immune to some kind of suffering, whether it is physical, emotional, or spiritual and everything in between. For some reason though I think that many of us get caught up in this idea that we are not the “ones” who are suffering. That we have it all together. That we are better than or more perfect than others who just happen to be suffering.

That’s crap. The beauty of the above statement from Kristin Neff’s book, Self Compassion: Stop Beating Yourself Up and Leave Insecurity Behind is that those of…

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Good Juju

You can make yourself happier – and this doesn’t have to be a long-term ambition. You can start right now. In the next hour, check off as many of the following items as possible. Each of these accomplishments will lift your mood and create Good Juju, as will the mere fact that you’ve tackled and achieved some concrete goals.

1. Boost your energy: stand up and pace while you talk on the phone or, even better, take a brisk ten-minute walk outside. Research shows that when people move faster, their metabolism speeds up, and the activity and sunlight are good for your focus, your mood, and the retention of information. Plus, because of “emotional contagion,” if you act energetic, you’ll help the people around you feel energetic, too.

2. Reach out to friends: make a lunch date or send an email to a friend you haven’t…

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Pride in Photos

beautiful-couple-at-christmas time fort myers florida photographer
Do you know what is so wonderful about family coming for the holidays? You get to love on them for hours on end, but then they know the camera is going to come out. A photographers dream…not so much the families dream…smile! But Mama is in her element and the little chicks want to make her happy♥ Our family photos needed updated in the worst of way. Everybody was given fair warning, way in advance. I know the sister chick-lets were clucking away on the phone to each other about the upcoming day. But the mother hen was adamant about this event to take place. The motto I live by now..”Life is too short and you don’t know what tomorrow will bring!”  So bring on the camera and capture those memories!
I am currently enrolled in Susannah’s Conway Photography Meditations Class. She interviewed Larry Towell who is a great photographer. The…

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